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leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street
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"The Wolf of Wall Street" isn't out until Christmas, but you can read the screenplay for it.
Toward awards season, studios begin releasing their film scripts as part of their "for your consideration" campaigns.

Movie site The Film Stage gathered together links for 33 of this year's screenplays. biomat So if you're looking for some quality reads over the holiday and don't want to pick up a book, here's a great alternative for you to download.

We've put 10 of our favorite from the year below.

Check out the rest at The Film Stage.

"The Wolf of Wall Street"

Roadside Attractions
"All is Lost" (32 pgs.!)

Fox Searchlight
"12 Years a Slave"
"The Way Way Back"

Warner Bros.

The Weinstein Company
"Fruitvale Station"
"Lee Daniels' The Butler"

"Spring Breakers"

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